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Name: Dana
Age: 16
Date of birth: September 6
Place of birth: A hospital? Gasp.

Likes: Anime rating communities :3 (Which might mean, "overusing smilies"). Yaoi/shounen-ai/slash. Mockery, sarcasm, and generally making stupid jokes (see "place of birth" for details). Roleplaying. Writing both original stuff and fanfiction. Wasting time. And then roleplaying some more.
Dislikes: People with no respect for others, with closed minds, and who dunt no how 2 typ or spel. Ah, yes! And people who misuse apostrophe's.
Strengths: I'd like to say that I'm creative and that I write well, but I'd also like to say that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound and fly. I'm just going by what people tell me (in the case of the former and not the latter, of course).
Weaknesses: I can't talk about myself without worrying if I sound too self-centered. I'm too nervous about the opinions of others when I know I shouldn't be.
Greatest achievement: ninjafy. It's like my baby, if you ignore the fact that I don't like little kids. ^^;;;;

Favourite character: Ludwig. I hate to love him, but I can't help it. Though I disagree with his strict attitude, I understand the reason that people believe that's the way things should be, and because of that, I can't just hate him for what he says. He attracts people to him, and that's also admirable. I really like the way he handled the engagement situation at the end of that episode, too. Each character is likeable for different reasons, but Lui just stands out.
Character that you don't want to be rated as (optional): A character that doesn't exist.

Favourite book: Heh... The Animorphs series holds a special place in my heart, despite the fact that it's not as well-written or "mature" as others. The Golden Age trilogy by John C. Wright is awesome on so many different levels.
Favourite colour: Different shades of blue and green.
Favourite drink: Pepsi
Favourite flower: I...don't really like flowers. ._.
Favourite season: Autumn. Despite the fact that school starts, of course. I like it more because of how everything looks, feels, smells, and other poetic things that I can't describe for my life.
Country you'd most like to visit: Japan, because I'm silly and immature and think that, just because I love a few aspects of a culture, I'll have a grand old time. Please note the sarcasm.
Extrovert or introvert? Depends on the situation and the people I'm with. If I'm alone in a room full of complete strangers, I'll keep to myself, lurk around and watch people for a while before attempting a conversation. But if I'm with my friends, or in a crowd of similar-minded people... "Introvert? What's that?"

Quote a lyric or line of poetry: "Did you ever have the feeling / You're the only person living in the world / And people that you see / Are one-dimensional and never there at all" (Al Stewart - Real and Unreal)

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