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Name: Finferwen
Age: 21
Date of birth: 7th February, 1984
Place of birth: rural New South Wales, Australia

Likes: Books, my laptop, my close friends, being left to myself, bad 80's music, Britcoms (particularly Red Dwarf and Blackadder) and political theory - no, I'm not making it up. It's my double-major. >.<;
Dislikes: People who are so extroverted they make my poor ears hurt, stupidity, unwarranted criticism, anything cooked "rare", cyclic arguments, ignorance, facades, other people touching my hair, reality TV and popular fashion. Inane and farcial things, basically.
Strengths: The ability to be totally singleminded towards an objective and loyalty are the best I can come up with. I'm not good at pointing out my own attributes.
Weaknesses: Again, singlemindedness. I can be fairly heartless at times. Procrasination...
Greatest achievement: I'm not sure. Probably getting away from the place I was born, coming to university and finding people who accept and like me for who I am.

Favourite character: I like a lot of characters for different reasons - I like Orphe for his loyalty, I feel sad for Ed when he gets ridiculed for things out of his control, I like Naoji's common sense and Ludwig's...alright, I like his hair.
Character that you don't want to be rated as (optional):

Favourite book: Again, I have a lot of favourites. I like One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night by Christopher Brookmyre - it's fantastic black humour, but I also have soft spots for Anne Rice's Tale of the Body Thief and Machiavelli's The Prince (again, I'm not making it up. That book has gotten me out of so many essay-related scrapes I feel obligated to mention it) because I never worked out if the whole thing was genuine advice or a giant piece of satire.
Favourite colour: Gray.
Favourite drink: ...Portello (grape flavoured soft drink).
Favourite flower: Dutch irises.
Favourite season: Definitely winter. Where I am now, winter blankets the valley in clouds and the wind blows straight off the snowfields. In the morning when you look out the window, the entire place is shimmering and white and it's kind of frigidly beautiful. A couple of hours later and the frost is gone, and it's just gloomy and cold. But at least you don't get sunburnt.
Country you'd most like to visit: Just to be totally impossible, I'll specify a timeframe: I'd love to have seen Russia in the mid 1800's. I'd also love to have been around when the Haghia Sophia (in Kiev) was still covered with gold.
Extrovert or introvert? Definitely and undeniably introverted. As much as I adore my friends, sometimes I get drained by contact and people who yell make me angry and unhappy.

Quote a lyric or line of poetry: "Save only me, there is none left to mourn thee in the fields." - My Butterfly, Robert Frost

Photographs: I'm sorry, but my scanner is about 600km away and I don't have a digital camera. (You're not missing much, just trust me. ~_^)
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